Volunteer with AIDS Walk New York!


AIDS Walk could not be a success without the help of our wonderful volunteers. We are looking forward to your support on Sunday, May 21, 2023 

Volunteer Registration is closed.

Please email Shelley Levine at ShelleyL@gmhc.org to find out if there are still volunteer opportunities available.

If you are a registered volunteer and are not sure where to start your day, please use the guide below:

  • Saturday Set-Up Volunteers go to the Volunteer Check-In Tent. #6 on the Venue Map.
  • Volunteers helping at a Checkpoint on the Route GO DIRECTLY to those locations.
    • Checkpoint North Volunteers – 102nd Street between West Drive and East Drive
    • Checkpoint West Volunteers – West Drive at 85th Street
  • PepsiCo Volunteers go directly to Venue Checkpoint. #13 on the Venue Map.

All other Volunteer Roles go to the Volunteer Check-In Tent. #6 on the Venue Map.

  • Crowd Control
  • Delineators
  • Finish Line Hooplah
  • Green Team
  • Info Army
  • Route Marshalls
  • Run Crew
  • Teams
  • Venue Checkpoint

If you need further assistance, please contact the AIDS Walk Info Line at 212-807-9255.



12-1pm | Facilitated by Daniel Hiraldo (meet at the Bandshell)
Familiarize yourself with the two Route Checkpoints locations at North (102nd St) West (86th St) and get your assignments for Sunday. (Meet at the Bandshell )


10-11am | Facilitated by Vishal Trivedi, Durrell Knights, and Galin Greenlaw (meet at the Bandshell)
Your role will be to guide our guests safely through the venue. You will be oriented with the barricade locations, start & finish line protocol, and guest safety.


1:30-3:30pm | Facilitated by John O’Hara and Alan Toppin (meet at the south end of Dead Row behind the Star Walker Breakfast Tent)
Your job will be to keep the walkers safe on the route and to monitor the flow of walker and pedestrian activity. You will learn AIDS Walk safety protocols and procedures.


While it is not logistically possible to Walk and Volunteer, you do have the option to Volunteer and register as a Virtual Walker and fundraise. Register to volunteer first, then register as a Virtual Walker and start fundraising!

Unfortunately, we do not have any sit-down volunteer roles. However, we encourage you to take a break on a park bench whenever you need one!

Ideally, volunteers are available for the entire shift, as it will enable us to provide a better experience for all participants. If you need to do a shorter shift, we may be able to accommodate a volunteer who needs to leave early but we would require that all volunteers start the shift at the time indicated on the list of options. Note that some roles are not flexible and would require a commitment to the entire shift.

The Group Coordinator should complete the Volunteer Registration form. The individual volunteers within the group do not need to complete the Volunteer Registration form.

Please check your junk folder and then add ShelleyL@gmhc.org to your address book.

AIDS Walk New York Volunteer
AIDS Walk New York Volunteer


We offer volunteer opportunities for all ages & groups:

  • Stationed at checkpoints on the route. Assist with set-up, management, and clean-up of the checkpoint. Distribute food and beverages and direct Walkers to services such as restrooms and first aid.
  • Suitable for volunteers 13+ years old
  • Responsible for setting up and maintaining the delineator cones along the route in Central Park. Once Walkers have completed the route, the Delineator Volunteers will take down the delineators along the route in Central Park.
  • Suitable for volunteers 16+ years old
  • Stationed at specific locations and intersections along the route, assisting with and facilitating the flow of pedestrian, park cyclist, and Walker traffic. Marshalls do not direct vehicular traffic. Marshalls are responsible for keeping Walkers within the delineators, cheering on and supporting the Walkers, as well as responding to and reporting any medical situations that may arise in conjunction with our First Aid/Medical Services.
  • Suitable for volunteers 18+ years old
  • Collect donations, register Walkers, and process contributions.
  • Suitable for volunteers 18+ years old
  • Assist with counting, tallying, and processing donations.
  • Suitable for volunteers 18+ years old
  • Help set-up and maintain the AIDS Walk venue, located at the beautiful Naumburg Bandshell of Central Park. Venue Volunteers welcome and direct walkers, pass out snacks, cheer people across the finish line, breakdown equipment at the end of the day, and keep Central Park clean.
  • Suitable for volunteers 16+ years old
  • Help us get ready for AIDS Walk! Come a day early on Saturday, May 14th to transform Central Park into AIDS Walk Central.
  • Suitable for volunteers 16+ years old


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